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Dear Montana Bible College Students,

I would like to simply share my heart with all of you for a few moments with the hope that it will bring encouragement and some perspective.

We are all being affected by the coronavirus in many ways beyond our control. To be open and vulnerable with all of you, my own family has been drastically affected this week in that the buyer for our house got cold feet because of the economic situation. He then found a loophole in the contract and backed out less than 24 hours before closing. Ouch! That costs our family a few thousand dollars immediately, and it could cost us many tens of thousands of dollars as we have to look at selling our house again in a very changed housing market. Perhaps some of you are facing similar challenges with yourselves or family members being laid off or losing jobs or having other significant hardships.  I want to encourage all of us to reach out and support one another even as you have been doing.  Even as I shared our deep disappointment with our staff, they poured out their love in return.  I have spoken with multiple of you who have shared with me how you intend to show a watching world the light of Christ through your actions and witness.  Yes!  This is how God’s people respond in times of crisis!  We do not despair.

The events of recent weeks have proven that our world is incredibly fragile. Whether it be an earthquake caused by shifting tectonic plates or a global pandemic caused by a microscopic virus, our world is easily shaken.  By contrast, our confidence is in God who is the reigning King of an unshakeable kingdom (Heb. 12:28) and in whom there is no variation or shifting shadow (James 1:17).  He is infinite in wisdom and power and even when we are deeply impacted by forces outside of our control, his nearness and love for us remain constant (Ps. 73:28).  Rest in that assurance and stand firm in it!

By way of perspective, let me suggest that we look at the remainder of this semester as one that will undoubtedly be the most memorable college experience any student has had in decades!  Yet it is not a time to retreat, but continue to move forward.  We will not shrink back from our mission.  We will fulfill the purpose for which God has put each one of us here at Montana Bible College.  We are going to learn to love him more deeply, to know him more intimately, and to serve him more passionately. We are being trained as servants of the King!  As a follower of Jesus, one can look at the coronavirus as a huge disruption, or an unprecedented opportunity.  I say we seized that opportunity!  This will be the most unique and exciting end to a semester in our history as a college and possibly for you as a student.  It will be filled with the unexpected so we ask you to be flexible and patient.  It will also cause us to trust the God we serve in greater ways than ever.

So, continue to watch for communications from your leadership. Stay in communication with us as needs, challenges and opportunities arise in your lives and be assured we will stay in communication with you.  We are here to support you in any way we can as a staff.  Also, stay on your game as students who have a purpose yet to fulfill. We are not done.  We are in this together.

For now, classes will be suspended for this upcoming week following spring break as announced earlier this week, with the hope and expectation that we can reconvene regular classes again on March 30th with online options for those who cannot or choose not to attend because of complications with the coronavirus.  We are implementing new methods of content delivery even as I write this letter which may require some modifications to the courses so be attentive to communication from your instructors.  Remember you all remain students and it is our goal to help each of you complete this semester successfully.

May you have a great weekend, even as many of you worship in small group settings as your churches have also adjusted.  Remember, seize the many gospel opportunities and hold securely to the promises of scripture!

With love in Christ,


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COVID-19: March 17, 2020 – Library Update Wed, 18 Mar 2020 00:43:00 +0000

Dear Staff, Faculty, Students, and Community members of Gail Horton Library,

Due to the recommendation of Montana Bible College, the Library will be closed to the public until further notice. Library staff will extend all community due dates through the end of April, and fines accrued in the last week will be forgiven.

For students the library will maintain the Spring Break hours this week, and will be closed the following week (March 23-26). As assignments are still due next week, the library will open by prearranged appointments. If you need into the library for any reason (printing, checking out books, reserve reading) you will need to make an appointment with Christa, Hattie, or myself. Please note that we do not have unlimited availability for appointments. If possible please keep appointments for library use between 8am-5pm Monday-Friday. We will try to accommodate your schedule as best we can. Appointment can be made by calling (406) 586-3585 ex. 25 or by emailing or

If you need to check books out, please email a list of the books you would like to the librarian available for your appointment (use the online catalog link on the library page to browse books). They will be checked out and ready to go when you come for your appointment. If you are out of town for the next week and need resources, the librarians can scan and email limited pages of resources (1 chapter or less). We highly recommend the use of the theological database for any research papers. If you need help finding articles we would be happy to do so.

We will also be limiting the number of students allowed in each room to less than 8. This should not be a big change as it is unusual to have 8 or more students in a room.

Library student service jobs will not be filled until classes resume.

Faculty, if there is anything the library can do to support you in the coming weeks please let us know! We will do our best to make this time as easy for you as we can.

The library will be taking some cautionary measures such as wiping down books as they are returned, and wiping down hard surfaces and handles regularly, and using gloves (as available) to handle books.

Thank you for being understanding in this unique time period!
Larissa Orman

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COVID-19: March 16th, 2020 Mon, 16 Mar 2020 22:01:23 +0000

Dear MBC Students:

These are interesting times to say the least!  The spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus has made an indelible mark on all facets of public and private life and certainly creates unique circumstances for colleges such as ours.  Yet in the midst of these challenges, our hope remains sure in God’s unchanging promises to provide and care for His children in times of need.  Our staff members are smiling and joyful even as we tackle these issues.

In the midst of the currently fluid situation in our country, we remain committed to the safety, health, and well-being of all our students, staff and faculty.  We are also devising contingency plans that will allow for continued academic progress and completion through the end of the semester.  Here are some important updates related to both of these objectives:

  • Having just received word yesterday that Governor Bullock has directed all public schools in Montana to close through March 27th, we believe it is prudent to follow in step with these mandates. Therefore on-campus classes will not be held from March 23rd – March 26th following spring break. Corresponding to this closure, there will be no chapels and no Tuesday lunch. However, just because classes will not meet, it does not necessarily mean assignment due dates have been invalidated.  Please continue to see yourself as a student through this time and to the end of this academic year and use the extra time to complete reading and projects as assigned.  
  • Though our aim is to minimize disruption to MBC, we are prepared for any range of options.
  • It is possible that class lectures will be delivered in an online format for a time. The “worst case” scenario still allows for the completion of the semester even if some course syllabi must be restructured.  We have been given broad latitude by the U.S. Department of Education and our accreditation agency to make accommodation for this unprecedented event.  Please watch for an email from your individual instructors and professors related to your specific classes and how classroom content will be delivered. 
  • All residence halls remain open and will continue to remain open for current residential students; however, in the interests of protecting our student body from any transmission of the virus from outside sources, we are no longer allowing overnight guests on our campus starting immediately, unless an exception has been granted by the Dean of Students. This restriction remains in effect until revoked.
  • It is imperative that all MBC students diligently practice the precautions given by CDC- frequent handwashing with soap, appropriate social distancing, disinfecting frequently touched hard surfaces, avoiding large gatherings, and self-quarantine if you are feeling ill. We currently have two apartments in both the men’s and women’s units, designated as quarantine areas if any of our students contracts the virus.  If the need should arise, be aware that it may require some students to move into a new apartment for a period of time.  No students are currently reporting any suspicious illness and no students or staff have tested positive for the virus. 
  • If you are currently away from campus, please update the Dean of Students ( on your current geographic location and your plans to return to campus. For students currently residing on campus, please alert us to any specific needs you have which you cannot meet on your own.  We will do all we can to assist. 
  • Stay tuned to our website and social media channels for the most current updates from the administration.

In the midst of the uncertainty of the times, let’s seize the opportunity to put our faith into action.  In contrast to hoarding and greediness, let’s shine with unusual deeds of kindness and generosity.  In contrast to fear and panic, let’s display our trust in God with confidence.  We remember the words of the psalmist in Psalm 125:1- “Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which cannot be moved, but abides forever” and the assuring and pointed words of our Savior to his followers, “… do not be anxious about your life…” (Matthew 6:25).

We are praying for you and your loved ones to be protected and provided for during this crisis.  Please pray for us as well.

Ryan Ward

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COVID-19: March 13, 2020 Sat, 14 Mar 2020 06:15:31 +0000

In response to the spreading coronavirus and the resulting impact on institutions of higher learning, Montana Bible College has activated a crisis response plan.  This plan includes the following:

  • The assembly of a command team responsible to oversee the College’s response to the crisis including data gathering, communicating, developing a plan of action, and overseeing the execution of such plan until resolution of the crisis. Currently this team is led by our President, Ryan Ward, in addition to the three Vice Presidents and the Dean of Women. Other experts may be called upon for advice or assistance as necessary.
  • The assignment to command team members of key responsibilities to oversee during the crisis. These areas include academic delivery options, housing plans, travel policies, health and safety precautions, and general communication.
  • Preparations for various potential contingencies related to college operations in the above areas of oversight.

Since Montana is only reporting four presumptive cases of the coronavirus, the MBC administration is taking a prudent but measured response to the crisis.  As a smaller Christian educational institution, we are nimbler in our ability to protect and respond to the needs of our student body, faculty and staff than larger ones. Until new developments demand a different approach, our plan at this juncture is to continue basic operations of the college following spring break (March 16-20) until the end of the semester.  With this said, there are precautionary measures and plans we are putting into place depending on how this crisis unfolds into the future.  Here are the most current decisions by our command respond team.

  • We plan to resume classes on March 23rd with potential livestream and online options available for students who are ill, who have compromised immune systems, who need to self-quarantine or who choose to not return to campus because of personal concerns about their health. We are taking action to put in place the technology needed to offer these options to all our students over the internet in the near future.  This plan may change to all online with any specific directives to close our campus given to private educational institutions by the federal or state government.
  • We are postponing all planned student activities until further notice. These include the traveling dinner and the talent show.  We are still planning on conducting commencement (graduation) activities on May 8th until further notice.
  • We are requiring mandatory hand-washing before the Tuesday all-campus lunch. Pick-up lunch options may be provided as alternative.
  • We are instituting a campus wide deep cleaning/sanitizing plan which will limit possible exposure of any infectious disease on hard surfaces.
  • We are actively monitoring travel plans of all our students, staff and faculty. It is possible that students, faculty or staff who visit certain “high exposure risk areas” may be prohibited from returning to campus.  Similarly, students who become ill and manifest symptoms which correlate to the virus may be quarantined on campus until they have recovered.
  • We are restricting all overnight visitors to our campus with the exception of those previously approved by the Dean of Students, until further notice.  These exceptions are visitors from nearby states with limited reported cases.
  • We are asking all students to voluntarily self-report potential exposure to the coronavirus in any of their interactions over the past two weeks or in their travels, and to immediately see a doctor if they develop any symptoms which correlate to the virus for testing.
  • We are preparing certain apartments in our dormitories as possible quarantine areas for students who manifest symptoms that may correlate with the virus.

The crisis command team is actively monitoring the situation via updates and directives from the Federal Government, the Montana State Governors office, the Center for Disease Control risk factors seen in infographics such as can be found here:

These plans are specific to the release date of this statement and may be altered depending on changing circumstances.  In the midst of all the uncertainties, we hold firmly to the truth of Psalm 46:1- “God is our refuge and strength, A very present help in trouble.”   It is our prayer that in the midst of the challenges of these days, the hope of the gospel will ring out across the world with clarity and power.

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2019 Fall Seminar Mon, 10 Jun 2019 17:40:40 +0000 October 4th, 10AM – 5:30PM

We are excited that another gathering is taking shape! We invite you to come and hear from pastor, author and speaker Craig Etheredge about how we can continue to design and refine our efforts to “Lead our church to live like Jesus.”

Pastor Etheredge is passionate about following Jesus’s example by faithful obedience to make disciples. How much time does the average pastor and church leader spend cultivating and growing the next generation through making disciples? Based on the statistics from his book Bold Moves, it isn’t much! Let’s get closer to home…how much time do you spend intentionally making disciples? With all the demands on the average pastor or elder, does your disciple-making effort get sidelined? So many good things compete for attention and focus within our churches. It is so easy to allow our goals and ministry efforts to remain busy yet ineffective in answering the Great Commission. 

“What is required of leaders is godly wisdom and courage. Wisdom to know what to do, and courage to take a deep breath and do it.”

Pastor Etheredge has a devotion to Jesus and following His example in growing and maturing the body of Christ. Come and learn from him some of the means and ways Jesus used and how your church can continue to grow and mature in her obedience to her Master! With his years of coaching many churches to become more effective disciple makers, Pastor Etheredge will be a blessing to all in attendance.

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